Almanac of the Future

The Almanac of the Future as a channel of motivational communication is not a new idea (Futur2 – Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit), but the motivating experiences from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are, it is an invitation to take the future into our own hands. The motivational experiences are presented by topics and are complemented by contributions from other analyzes. Dive into the world of the future in the present.  

The current model of development is largely responsible for the planet´s permanent crisis: climate change, increasing economic and social inequalities, environmental degradation, extractivism; All in the name of perpetual growth and development; A development for the few at the cost of the pauperization of the majorities and the destruction of our planet. Facing this scenario, it is wrong to expect a paradigm shift about development to take place in the highest political and economic spheres; History shows this. Structural changes arise from the foundations of society when people change attitudes and routines in everyday life, modifying the model of civilization.

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RGS 4_

Producion and alimentation

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Propio 5 WirtschaftEconomy and market

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Markus Z 1 UmweltEnvironment and development

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propio 1 StadtCity and accomodation

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mARTadero 1 KulturCulture and identity

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