Culture and identity

The so-called modernity is characterized by the alignment of the middle class, the unbridled globalized consumption and the sad trilogy: Work, home, shopping center. Genuine development based on culture, identity and territory is a possible response to all this.

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5Weaving with dignity
Starting from a collective initiative for the cultural rescue of a productive area, the goal is to build a development from the local-productive identity by betting on th commercialization of quality craftsmanship products and, above all, on local identity.


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141.jpgI do what I can
In the Amazonian border region of Ecuador and Colombia, the problems that threaten the population are not few: oil extraction, pollution, social violence. The testimony of Belia Vaca, inspired by the “Wiphala” system of the Environmental Clinic, is a faithful demonstration that it is feasible to change reality from oneself life, beginning processes and transformations within reach, without ignoring at the same time problems of greater magnitude. I do what I can – Belia’s motto is to awaken other people from her own testimony and concrete actions.

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12Microcinemas: About local culture and its own agenda
The microcinemas network of the Chaski Group, born from the efforts of filmmakers with a social vision, has constituted as an alternative route for the exhibition of a cinema that entertains, excites and promotes thinking, facilitating the popular diffusion of contents for a truthful communication. The microcinemas, located in 9 regions of Peru, are gradually becoming a local cultural association that produces community cinema, (re) buil­ding cultural identity based on the social reality of their territory. It is a communicational and organizational experience capable of stregthening local identity and culture, counterbalancing glo­balized media penetration.

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19 inglésmARTadero setting up a better future
What began with the recovery of the Cochabamba´s Municipal Ex-Slaughterhouse, turning a place of death into a distinct cultural center, is now a referential experience for culture and development. Culture not as a distraction but as a contextualizing element and where creative intelligence and collaborative work open the way to the “future we want”, constructing our own narratives and getting rid of paths of acquired thought.  

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inglés 24Pukyu Pamba- Intercultural Experience
Experiential travel, practiced by family and associative ventures allow the Karanquis community of San Clemente, in the north of the Ecuadorian Andes to travel the world, being at home; generating at the same time an income that benefits the collective. The visitor does not stay in the superficial approach of observing the landscape but experiences a one-to-one coexistence with the culture, the place, its people and the Andean worldview. Read the article

art25 inglésDEVELOPMENT is written  with P of Peace, Participation and  Participative Budget
The experience of local processes of citizenship in two regions of Antioquia indicate diverse routes, responding to different contexts, characterized by humanitarian affection due to armed conflict, manipulation and/or social and political exclusion. Victims re-encounter  the capacity to play their citizenship and inhabitants of territories manage to get involved in a leading way in local development, designed among all and for the benefit of all.

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imagen 27 ingles

YOUTH URBAN ART: lifestyle and a different way of thinking about things 
The Hip Hop culture with BreakDance and other scenic arts become lifestyles and ways of thinking for young people in the different districts of Metropolitan Lima. Cultural manifestations of young people have managed to transform the stigmatization that civil society had generated on their attitudes.

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