Economy and market

Commodification of the Common Property, perpetual growth ignoring the finitude of resources, profits at the cost of the nature depredation, wild consumption. Isn´t it time to think about an economy and market that rotate around the Common Good?

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1.jpgAlliance of prosumers Motivational experienc
Conscious consumption of healthy food, produced by farmers at an ecological small scale and marketed by a solidarity of consumers and producers leads to an alliance of short distances between country and city, producers and consumers.


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5Weaving with dignity
Starting from a collective initiative for the cultural rescue of a productive area, the goal is to build a development from the local-productive identity by betting on th commercialization of quality craftsmanship products and, above all, on local identity.


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8.jpgParticipatory Guarantee System ECO Feria
ECO Feria’s Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) is a participatory accreditation mechanism reachable for small producers, facilitating the sale of organic food products, benefiting family agriculture and other stakeholders in the social solidarity economy and the consumer as well.

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9The market is the Neighborhood
The production of a small family dairy, the result of a settling process with obstacles, has become the solid foundation of a family existence. After a phase of experimentation in the milk processing and the commercialization of the derivatives, the sale of yogurt in the immediate environment has been prioritized. When the production leaves the farm, it is practically already sold, without reaching the market.

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21 inglésOn the way to solidarity economy
The Guanentá, Comunera and Vélez provinces in the south of the department of Santander – Colombia, are home of a process where the socio-organizational structure of their habitants and solidarity economy in the form of cooperatives have tried to mark the contemporary history of this region, breaking paradigms, for example, through a financial economic system, managed by people’s cooperatives for the people and the construction of a solidary territory with a logic of development that departs from the territory and the identity and culture of its habitants.

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23 inglésFrom trash to sharing economy: An experience where no one loses
What started as an initiative with a business logic against the eruption of a cholera epidemy and illegal dumping, sitesin the east of Lima/ Peru, has become a collective enterprise where sharing economy is practiced,generating benefits in the environmental, social and economic aspect. A story where no one loses.

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