Environment and development

Socio – environmental damage is not considered by industries and economists when calculating their profits. But there is an alternative to this current: Real stories of proactive resistance and a development for life.

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2.jpgLand management
The indiscriminate extension of the agricultural frontier to the Paramo (moorland areas) threatened the water supply in the rural community of Chilco. This situation led to a rethinking of the people and they decided to revive their Paramo and thus restore the water storage capacity. This proved to be a strategic step which also had a positive effect on the economic situation of the families living there.

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4.jpgProducing with the forest
The management of land plots with agroforestry systems demands conviction and a continuous careful work. The situation in which the pioneer producers of agroforestry Amazonian systems currently live shows that they live well, producing with the forest and without the need to continue deforesting and burning the vegetation. But these cases, characterized by a clear vision of sustainable management and coexistence, are still the minority before the majorities, with short-term logics.

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10.jpgNo waste onthe farm
There are many peasant families that incorporate different tech­niques and management strategies, achieving the conversion of waste into raw material, optimizing the use of resources. The imple­ mentation and use of a biodigestor is often an important step on the way to the agroecological farm.

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The worms of Mongui
The recycling of organic material from domestic waste through vermicomposting, conducted in an associative way, offers future-proof solutions in the environmental, social and economic field.


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18-inglc3a9s.jpgAgainst the Stream and in Direction to the Future
Yasuní, a park in a secluded jungle area located in the Ecuadorian Amazon,has become an international icon of the civic struggle in favor of life, biodiversity and nature as a matter of rights, as mentioned in Ecuador´s constitution. The change achieved in the imaginary of Ecuadorian society is perhaps very initial and reduced, but challenging from the society for the first time the pre-established developmental paradigm. “YASunidos” is an open group of young people who work on this task.

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22 inglésWhat development are we talking abaut?
The experience of the Tacana II indigenous territory and its organization, in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon, is a faithful testimony of possibilities to defend its vision of development in the face of the threats of extractivism. It is a resistance with dialogue and proposal, asserting their rights, negotiating the coexistence with different logics of development.

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