Production and alimentation

Eating is a political act. Nobody forces us to eat what we eat. It depends on the decision of each person. But accessing healthy food is not always easy, neither affordable. Farmers and producers are faced with similar problems on the task of reaching our table with organic healthy food.

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4.jpgProducing with the forest
The management of land plots with agroforestry systems demands conviction and a continuous careful work. The situation in which the pioneer producers of agroforestry Amazonian systems currently live shows that they live well, producing with the forest and without the need to continue deforesting and burning the vegetation.

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6.jpgBeyond the market 
Families in the commune of San Gabriel del Baba are now convinced about agroecological production and now they are enthusiastic promoters of the cause. Their farms became completely agroecological and, so far, their biggest challenge has been to find alternative markets and conscious consumers, but these set back shave not changed their conviction, because, for them, the market and the economic part are not the most important goals.

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8.jpgParticipatory Guarantee System ECO Feria
ECO Feria’s Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) is a participatory accreditation mechanism reachable for small producers, facilitating the sale of organic food products, benefiting family agriculture and other stakeholders in the social solidarity economy and the consumer as well.

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9The market is the Neighborhood
The production of a small family dairy, the result of a settling process with obstacles, has become the solid foundation of a family existence. After a phase of experimentation in the milk processing and the commercialization of the derivatives, the sale of yogurt in the immediate environment has been prioritized. When the production leaves the farm, it is practically already sold, without reaching the market.

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art26 inglésA sustainable future from practice
Fifteen years ago the Red de Guardianes de Semillas (Seed Guardian Network), a collective with full horizontal relations, was born in Ecuador, dedicated to the rescue of native seeds. Each guardian, member of the network  shares and applies their knowledge from their autonomous environment. There is a wealth of experiences and practices around production and food,  housing and other areas of daily life. Its common denominator: to build the future in the present. 

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