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imagen 27 inglesYOUTH URBAN ART: lifestyle and a different way of thinking about things 
The Hip Hop culture with BreakDance and other scenic arts become lifestyles and ways of thinking for young people in the different districts of Metropolitan Lima. Cultural manifestations of young people have managed to transform the stigmatization that civil society had generated on their attitudes.

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It does hurt mi 

In Loma del Esmeraldal, residential sector of the municipality of Envigado in the valley of the Aburra (Colombia), the indiscriminate urban densification, product of the speculation and misrepresentation of the regulations to facilitate construction licenses provoked a response from the citizens. The Ciudadano Envigado Collective (Citizen´s Collective Envigado) managed with resistance and proposals the recovery of lands ready for construction and turned them into public spaces, improving the quality of life of the residents.

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The story of a rodent’s unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment (Steve Cutts)
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