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art25 inglésDEVELOPMENT is written  with P of Peace, Participation and  Participative Budget
The experience of local processes of citizenship in two regions of Antioquia indicate diverse routes, responding to different contexts, characterized by humanitarian affection due to armed conflict, manipulation and/or social and political exclusion. Victims re-encounter  the capacity to play their citizenship and inhabitants of territories manage to get involved in a leading way in local development, designed among all and for the benefit of all.

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art26 inglésA sustainable future from practice
Fifteen years ago the Red de Guardianes de Semillas (Seed Guardian Network), a collective with full horizontal relations, was born in Ecuador, dedicated to the rescue of native seeds. Each guardian, member of the network  shares and applies their knowledge from their autonomous environment. There is a wealth of experiences and practices around production and food,  housing and other areas of daily life. Its common denominator: to build the future in the present.

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The story of a rodent’s unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment (Steve Cutts)
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